Friday, February 18, 2011

One Quick Review, One Not So Quick Review

Wonder Woman #607

Cover, Don Kramer
Let me start by saying thank you to Phil Hester.  Since he took over last issue I finally feel like I'm reading a Wonder Woman comic again.  I really like the contrast between this issue and the last.  In #606 we see Diana in a situation where it was kill or be killed and in #607 we get to see her merciful side.   I also really enjoyed the new imaginings of the old villains who are to say the least, ruthless.  My only complaint and I'm sure this was plotted well in advance of Hester taking the reigns is the length of the story arc.  Ten issues is way too long in my opinion even for an origin/evolution to superhero story.

Twilight Guardian #2

Cover, John Tyler Christopher
I didn't review TG #1 because I considered it a set up issue that would introduce or reintroduce people to the Twilight Guardian.  If you're not familiar, TG is a Real Life Superhero (RLSH) with some OCD and possibly other mental issues who patrols a nine block radius around her home every night.  During the first issue we see her reading old comics to prep for her patrol, and then walking around her neighborhood throughout the night.  She notes potential dangers like possible faulty wiring that are laughable because of how seriously she takes them.  However there are hints of other dangers: a villain named Dusk Devil, her missing boyfriend, and her father's mysterious past.  All in all it was a good setup issue.  Some people I talked to mentioned that it was rather wordy, though I thought it was a nice touch that emphasized her OCD.

TG #2 follows the TG's trip to a comic book convention at the invitation of a group of like minded RLSHes.  She hangs out at the convention and is shadowed by an unknown character.  She also involves herself in the "case" of a vendor's missing $900 comic book.  The TG gets the group of RLSHes to join her on the case of this missing comic when she meets them later in the evening.  The case is finally solved in a fashion that falls somewhere between Blues Clues and The Bloodhound Gang.

The questions are what is this series supposed to be and where will it go?  If this is social commentary on RLSHes, it's great and funny.  There are scenes in the book that point that way.  My favorite was when the RLSHes helped the lady whose car was stuck in the mud.  I laughed aloud which doesn't happen often while I'm reading comics.  For those expecting something akin to Kick-Ass, you may be disappointed unless Troy Hickman has an ace up his sleeve.  There are some clues in the book that point towards real danger but it never seems to materialize.

My biggest fear is that neither of those are the case and that because she keeps saying that she's "off her meds," we'll find out that this was all in her head.  We know she has OCD, but is that why she's taking these medications?  Or, is she delusional?  I'm going to have a little faith and keep going into battle with the TG.


  1. Thanks for the review, Pip! I can't guarantee you'll get all the answers you want (though you may), but you might very well be surprised (which is not a bad thing in comics these days). Either way, I appreciate your readership and your comments!

  2. Speaking of Phil Hester, I'm really digging his work on Green Hornet. It's a fun read!