Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Key Issues - The Warlord Volume 1

Warlord #11, Mike Grell
A few months ago I found a copy of The Warlord #11 at a local shop.  I had never read a Warlord comic, but the awesome cover immediately grabbed my attention.  After researching this volume, I'm really surprised that this hasn't been optioned for a movie or TV show.  Now that sword and sorcery/fantasy fiction is coming back to film and TV (Conan the Barbarian, Game of Thrones) maybe some smart Hollywood exec will read this and obtain the rights to it.  It has everything to reach the male-of-any-age demographic:  scantily clad women, sword fighting, and DINOSAURS!  Don't take my word for it.  Take a look at the great breakdown over at  Anyway, I came up with a list of key issues for volume 1 of The Warlord.  For much more info on The Warlord take a look at these two fantastic sites,, which has great interviews with creator Mike Grell and (this dude is a serious fan of The Warlord).  Here's the list I came up with:

Warlord #34, Mike Grell
1st Issue Special #8:  1st appearance of Travis Morgan, 1st appearance of Tara, 1st appearance of Deimos
The Warlord #2
:  1st appearance of Machiste
The Warlord #6:  1st appearance of Mariah Romanova
The Warlord #15:  1st appearance of  Joshua Morgan (Tinder)
The Warlord #21:  Travis Morgan forced to fight his son Travis (well, a clone of his son, but Travis doesn't know that)
The Warlord #25:  1st appearance of Aram Al Ashir
The Warlord #32:  1st appearance of Shakira
The Warlord #34:  Travis acquires the sword, Hellfire, that must draw blood every time it is drawn even if it is Travis' own blood.
The Warlord #35:  Mike Grell and his editor, Jack C. Harris, appear in the comic and play a D&D style game to craft the issue.

Warlord #63, Mike Grell
The Warlord #38:  1st appearance of Jennifer Morgan
The Warlord #47:  1st appearance of Mikola Rostov
The Warlord #48:  1st appearance of Arak, Son of Thunder in 15 page preview.
The Warlord #55:  1st appearance of Arion, Lord of Atlantis in back up feature.
The Warlord #63:  Begin Dan Jurgens art.  Jurgens first professional work in comics.
The Warlord #72:  1st appearance of Scarhart
The Warlord #75:  1st appearance of Lord Sabre-Tooth
The Warlord #83-85:  Travis becomes President of the United States in the year 2303 of an alternate timeline
The Warlord Annual #2:  1st appearance of Krystovar

I included 1st Issue Special #8 as it really should be part of this volume.  In fact, it's reprinted in The Warlord #11.  I found a great quote while researching The Warlord.  It comes from the Trivia section of the 1st Issue Special #8 entry over at  There it states:

Travis Morgan is not actually called Warlord in this issue, nor will he be until several issues into his self-titled series. Actually, they never really go into it that deeply. It's just implied that he's that badass. 

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