Friday, February 25, 2011

DC/WB, Why Not Make a Wonder Woman Movie?

I just finished watching Wonder Woman, the DCU animated movie.  I'm kind of upset that it has taken me this long to watch it.  I'm more disappointed that DC and Warner Brothers have decided to push Wonder Woman to TV instead of a live action film.  You can read my earlier comments about the TV show here.  I've read that no one can come up with a good script for it, but this animated version throws that argument out the window.  Sure, some things would have to be changed.  Amazons, undead Amazons, and Ares' army all fighting on the National Mall might be more than a non-comic audience can handle.

The animated version does a fantastic job of giving us the WW origin in about 5 to 10 minutes.  It also quickly characterized all of the Amazons we need to be familiar with.  The humor in it was great as well.  Steve trying to get Diana drunk was hilarious.  As icing on the cake, there is plenty of violence.

Just a few things they would need to change for a live action version:

1.  Steve should be stationed at an airbase in Italy.  Diana should bring him there instead of the U.S.  This can keep the entire story out of the U.S. and gets rid of the invisible jet problem which I'm pretty sure no recent writers have ever explained successfully.  Setting the story in Italy and Greece also means the Amazons don't have to sail from the Mediteranean to Washington D.C. Even in the fastest ships this would take a few days.

2.  Take out the undead Amazons and the Ares cult army and give Ares an army from the Underworld as part of his deal with Hades. Hippolyta fights Persephone, Diana fights Ares, and Artemis wreaks havoc on lots of undead warriors.

That's really all that needs to be changed.  You're welcome DC and Warner Bros.

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