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Jenny Everywhere/The Shifter/Shifter Mouse - Draw This Script

I mentioned in the post announcing Sqweasel as the blog mascot that I went down a few rabbit holes and here is one of them.  I started looking for a large generic monster character that was in the public domain so I wouldn't get sued.  As it turns out there are plenty of public domain characters that can be used.  This seems to be the comprehensive source,  So I walked around that site for quite a while trying to find something useful.  None of them seemed the perfect fit.  Also lots of the characters have kind of questionable copyright/trademark issues.  So back to Google for a few searches about public domain super heroes and I finally end up with this intriguing link about Jenny Everywhere aka The Shifter.  Fascinating.  An open source, public domain superhero that anyone can use with this caveat:

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.
 Her powers are listed here:
Jenny Everywhere exists in all dimensions at once. She has the accumulated wisdom of all her other selves, and she can potentially shape or change dimensional properties.
This makes her a ridiculously powerful and versatile character.  I love the idea of this.  Not just the powers but also the fact that she came from open source.  So my early idea was that I would create a character based on Jenny Everywhere and wrote a script for what would've been an introductory comic for Shifter Mouse.  Now I've got Sqweasel but didn't want this script to linger in Google docs purgatory so here it is.  If anyone is feeling frisky and would like to sketch it, that would be awesome.  I can't give you any pay but I can put your name in the infamy of this blog.  Click the jump for the script.

Shifter Mouse in "Credit Default Spit Swap"

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

Panel 1:  Jenny Everywhere is sitting alone at a sidewalk table of a restaurant holding a menu in her hand.  Other patrons sit at tables in the background.

     JENNY (inner-monologue):  Goat cheese and asparagus omelet?  Or blueberry pancakes and maple syrup?

Panel 2:  Same scene except Jenny Everywhere is gone.  In her place is a puff of black smoke.  (SFX: POOF!)

Panel 3:  Same scene except Jenny and the black smoke are both gone.  None of the patrons seem to notice.


Panel 4:  Jenny has been transported and now sits on a small chair with the black cloud that transported her disappearing above her head.  The background indicates a cheap studio apartment, a cot, piles of books stacked on the floor.  Astrological charts taped to the wall along with painted on mystical symbols. (SFX: POOF!)

     MISTER KALMAN (off-panel):  (SFX: Cough. Cough)

Panel 5: Mister Kalman stands behind what appears to be a makeshift executive desk made from a table and some other furniture.  Bookshelves behind him.  He's dressed in a power suit that looks like he's been wearing it for two years.

    MISTER KALMAN:  Welcome to my lair, Jenny Everywhere.

Panel 6: We now see Jenny and Mister Kalman in the apartment.

     JENNY:  Who the hell are you?
     MISTER KALMAN:  I'm...
     JENNY:  Wait.  You look familiar.
     MISTER KALMAN:  I should.  I'm...
     JENNY:  I know.  You worked for Timothy.  Sorry. I'm bad with names.
Panel 7:  Kalman trying to be imposing but looking very frustrated.

     MISTER KALMAN:  Please stop interrupting me!  I am Mr. Kalman.  Yes. I worked for your former lover, the CFO of World Financials.


Panel 8:  Kalman and Jenny again.

     JENNY:  This is your lair?  Looks like a studio in Queens.
     KALMAN:  It is.  The rent is much cheaper.
     JENNY:  I thought you insurance and banking guys were rich.

Panel 9:  Kalman pouring a drink.  Some cheap whiskey into a SOLO cup.

     KALMAN:  That is why you're here, Jenny.  To pay for what you've done to me.

Panel 10:  Kalman takes a drink and strains to see Manhattan out his window.

     KALMAN:  Your tryst with my boss cost me everything.  After you left him, Timothy became obsessed with you.


Panel 11:  We see the back of Timothy's head in a dimly lit apartment facing a creepy memorial to Jenny.  Her picture surrounded by candles.  "Jenny" written over and over again on the wall behind it.

     TIMOTHY (singing):  Jenny, Jenny, Who can I turn to?

Panel 12:  Back to Kalman in the apartment.  Still looking out the window.

     KALMAN:  He couldn't focus on his job as CFO.  The company started making crazy financial moves.  I tried to warn him.  But he only thought about you.

Panel 13:  Looking down over Timothy's executive desk.  We see him scribbling "Jenny" over and over again on legal paper.

Panel 14:  Back to Kalman's apartment.  Kalman looking out the window standing behind Jenny who is still sitting, checking her cell or texting.

     KALMAN:  Then the fateful day. We learned the US government would not bail us out.  I was fired because I just watched it happen.  Are you listening to me?
     JENNY:  Yeah, I heard you. Tim loves me. Tim goes mad. Company goes under. You're fired.


Panel 15:  Kalman now holds a magic wand.  He looks furious and exasperated.  He takes up the entire panel.

    KALMAN:  You've caused me much loss.  Contributed to the stock crash of 2008. Now I will use my part time hobby of black magic to get revenge.

Panel 16:  Kalman arms raised ready to cast a spell.  Jenny sits legs crossed (as if wearing a skirt) looking up at him.

    JENNY:  Wait.  Part-time hobby of black magic?
    KALMAN:  Well, yes.  I still have a full time job.
    JENNY:  Where?
    KALMAN:  I'm a Tunnel Officer at the Queens Midtown Tunnel
    JENNY:  A toll collector?
    KALMAN:  Yes.  Enough talk...

Panel 17:  Kalman has extended his arm and waved his wand which is now pointed at Jenny.  We are looking over his shoulder down at a puff of black smoke where Jenny was sitting.  (SFX:  Brrring!  Poof!)

Panel 18:  Close up on the seat of the chair.  Jenny has been transformed into a mouse.  Her outfit aviator goggles, scarf, shirt, pants, boots and leather bomber jacket have been miniaturized.


Panel 19:  Jenny is looking up at Kalman.  She holds her hand in front of her face and realizes she's been turned into a mouse.

     JENNY:  I'm a mouse.
     KALMAN:  Yes.  In our future battles you will be small.  I will have the advantage.
     JENNY:  You plan on being a villain?
     KALMAN:  Yes.  I have my application in at both Marvel and DC.

Panel 20:  Jenny is now standing on the back of the chair.  Kalman has bent over and they are face to face.  We can see Jenny's mouse body.  Strangely her chest bulges as if she had human breasts.

     JENNY:  Waited over two years for revenge.  Best you could do was a mouse?
     KALMAN:  As I said, part-time.  I'm still learning.
     JENNY:  I'll use my dimension shaping power to change back.
     KALMAN:  I thought of that.  My spell will not allow it in this reality.

Panel 21:  Close up.  We only see profile of Kalman's head facing Jenny whose breasts are prominent, her jacket is falling to the side of them.

     JENNY:  How is it I can speak?  And where did these breasts come from?
     KALMAN:  Jenny, it's only the first issue.  All will be revealed.  Now away with you.

Panel 22:  Back up.  Kalman holding his wand delicately above where Jenny would have been.  In her place a puff of black smoke.  (SFX:  POOF!)


Panel 23:  Mouse Jenny now sits at the sidewalk cafe from Panel 1.  A puff of black smoke disappearing above her head.

     JENNY (inner-monologue):  I'm a mouse.  I can't change back.  I have the wisdom of my other selves.  So now I'm Shifter Mouse?  What happened to those pancakes?

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