Saturday, November 9, 2013

Key Issues - Firestar (Angelica Jones)

Cover by Barry Smith
Like many of you I picked up the first issue of Amazing X-Men this week.  And though it was nice to see Nightcrawler again, I was much more excited about Firestar finally joining the X-men.  Aaron introduced the character to X-readers superbly by reminding us that not all mutants are X-Men or evil mutants.  Her first reactions to the Jean Grey School were perfect.  Firestar has been around as a character for over 30 years debuting in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends tv show in 1981.  She was introduced in comics as a member of the Hellions, later joining the New Warriors and the Avengers.  Also, thank you Jason Aaron for the nod to Firestar and Iceman's past history.

Cover by J. Scott Campbell
Key Issues:

Uncanny X-Men #193 - 1st appearance (in comics)
Firestar #1-4 - Origin, Joins the Massachusetts Academy under Emma Frost
Thor #411-412 - 1st appearance of the New Warriors
New Warriors #1 - Joins the New Warriors (takes place prior to Thor #411)
Marvel Comics Presents #82-87 - More of Firestar's backstory prior to New Warriors
Avengers Vol 3 #4 -Joins the Avengers
Marvel Divas #1 - Announces she has cancer as a result of her mutant ability
Marvel Divas #4 - Cancer in remission
Amazing X-Men #1 -Joins Wolverine's X-men

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