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Key Issues - Wonder Woman Volume 2

Wonder Woman #152, Adam Hughes
I didn't start reading comic books until around 1989 or 1990.  Before that my exposure to superheroes was through cartoons like Super Friends and live action TV shows like The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman.  While they could be dismissed as just TV shows, I think they were pretty important to my childhood development.  In fact, outside of the 18 plus years I spent in Sunday school at church, I'm guessing that shows like Super Friends and G.I. Joe contributed quite a bit to my moral and ethical code.  I also think that Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter probably also played a part in my image of the ideal woman.  I don't believe it's a coincidence that I married a woman who is just as smart, sexy, strong, and independent as Wonder Woman.  Anyway, here's the list of key issues I came up with for Wonder Woman Volume 2.  The first volume I've tackled with over 200 issues.  I've undoubtedly missed something so please let me know and I'll remedy it.  For all things Wonder Woman, you can check out these two great sites, Wonder Woman Network  and Amazon Archives.  Click the jump for the key issues.

WW #22, George Perez
Wonder Woman #1:  Origin of Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman #3:  1st appearance of Vanessa Kapetelis (New Earth Silver Swan II)
Wonder Woman #7:  1st appearance of Barbara Ann Minerva (New Earth Cheetah)
Wonder Woman #15:  1st appearance New Earth Silver Swan I (Valerie Beaudry), 1st appearance Ed Indelicato
Wonder Woman #55:  1st appearance of Edgar Cizko (New Earth Dr. Psycho)
Wonder Woman #72:  Classic Brian Bolland cover
Wonder Woman #90:  1st appearance of Artemis
Wonder Woman #92:  Artemis becomes Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman #100:  Artemis is killed
Wonder Woman #105:  1st appearance of Cassie Sandsmark
Wonder Woman #111:  Cassie Sandsmark becomes Wonder Girl
Wonder Woman #140:  1st appearance of the Wonderdome.
Wonder Woman #172:  Death of Hippolyta
Wonder Woman #196:  1st appearance of Veronica Cale
Wonder Woman #210:  Death of Medusa
Wonder Woman #219:  Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord

WW #222, J.G. Jones
Runs by notable writers and artists:
George Perez - #1 thru #62
Jill Thompson - #45 thru #64
William Messner-Loebs - #63 thru #100
Mike Deodato - #85, #90 thru 100
John Byrne - #101 thru #136
Eric Luke - #139 thru 159
Yanick Paquette - #139 thru 148
Bob McLeod - #139 thru #149
Phil Jimenez - #164 thru #188
Andy Lanning - #167 thru #188
Greg Rucka - #195 thru #226

Notable guest writers:
Christopher Priest:  #88, #89, #137, #138
Mark Millar - #153
Brian K. Vaughn - #160 and #161 - "A Piece of You"
Walt Simonson - #189 - #194 - "Game of the Gods"

Additionally, the entire volume contains beautiful covers by several great artist like George Perez, Brian Bolland, John Byrne, Adam Hughes, and J.G. Jones

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