Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Won't Buy "Fear Itself" Comics Except These 3

Fear Itself: Deadpool cover, Ryan Stegman
At this point Marvel hasn't done a good enough marketing job to persuade me to buy any of the comics related to this year's Fear Itself event. Then they issued this press release.  Chris Hastings, the creator of Dr. McNinja, will write Fear Itself: Deadpool.  Whether or not you're a regular, occasional, or never have reader of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, this article over at ComicsAlliance clearly demonstrates why this guy should write a Deadpool story.  Maybe not key issues, but it's always nice to see a fan/writers picking their favorite stories.

Christopher Hastings Picks Deadpool's 5 Most Awesome Moments


  1. Yeah it doesn't look too promising as well. I mean it's been technically done before for each hero, there's only so many crisis's they can have. It's a repeated cycle really.

    No worries, I'll keep you up to date because I'll be reading it lol.

  2. Thanks. I guess I could wait until the TPB hits the public library but by then Marvel will have undone anything that comes out of the story.