Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deadpool #30 & #31 (Curse of the Mutants)

Like many X-Men fans when I heard there would be a third ongoing series with X-Men in the title, I was skeptical but still had to have it.  After finishing X-Men #6, the final issue of the first arc titled "Curse of the Mutants," I have decided I no longer have to have it.  I enjoyed it, but just can't figure out where it fits with all of the other X-books.  I read an interview with Victor Gischler where he said it was supposed to tie the X-Men to the rest of the Marvel Universe.  I guess that's the case if you count Blade showing up in the first arc and in the next they will be with Spidey in NYC.  However, Fraction and Gillen have the X-Men quarantined on Utopia fighting off a mutant virus.  This isn't like the old days of Blue Team and Gold Team X-Men.  They are using the same characters with no mention of what's happening in the other books.  This is really pissing me off so I'm going to drop X-Men (Vol 3?) and pretend that it doesn't exist.

Okay so I'm moving outside of what I really wanted to tell you about which is the highlight of this 'Curse of the Mutants" arc.  Not even really a part of the story but Deadpool #30 and #31 have the "Curse of the Mutants" tag on the cover.  That's the reason I picked it up.  I normally don't read Deadpool but this story is awesome.  Wade gets hired to protect a group of vampires who didn't buy into Xarus' uniting of the vampire clans (there's the tie-in) from one of the clans who did.  Deadpool is simultaneously killing vampires and falling in love/lust with a sexy doctor who works at the hospital sitting on top of the vampire lair.  The dialogue is hilarious and there is plenty of action.  That's all I really want from a Deadpool book.  I like Deadpool the most when he's written like Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Ash.  Daniel Way has been writing Deadpool since the first issue so based on #30 and #31 looks like I've got quite a few back issues to catch up on.

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  1. Yeah those Deadpool stories are hilarious. Even the past story arc where he's working in tandem with Steve Rogers. Good luck trying to find 1-10 though. Those are the hardest to come across.