Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #514

Although I still have problems with the premise of this series, issue #514 is a great improvement over the last issue. I highly doubt David Liss read my review of the first issue, but in an interview with CBR, he mentioned addressing some of the points I made. In this issue, T'challa is still trying to find Vlad who has become the biggest criminal in Hell's Kitchen since Daredevil left. It's at this point that the series really starts to take off. You realize that trouble usually makes it's way to T'challa. Now he has to track it down. It truly does show him out of his element. Detective work in NYC is much different than Wakanda. Priest's Panther was able to do it primarily because of his tech not through street smarts.

Besides the ending which definitely makes me want to pick up the next issue, the other highlight is the appearance of Luke Cage. He basically tells T'challa to put a stop to Vlad or someone else will. That could make for some nice interplay with the new Heroes For Hire series which is excellent, both fast paced and fun.

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  1. I really enjoyed this issue as well and enjoyed the ending. Now he get's a little taste of the choices Matt Murdock made every single day. It's nice to see a super hero in a different light than they are used to.

    Wonder Girl one-shot written by J.T. Krul was a great read as well.