Friday, December 10, 2010

What Pip Bought and Was It Worth It 12-3-10

Generation Hope #2 - Worth it. I like this book that spun out of the "Five Lights" story in Uncanny X-men. Newly mutated mutants discovering their powers. Some of them headstrong, others hesitant. Though like all X-books there's absolutely no continuity. Here Wolverine is in Tokyo while in Uncanny he's in Utopia, in X-force he's on the moon, and in X-men vol 3 he's just finished being a vampire. Can we go back to three or four X-books please?
Wolverine: The Best There Is #1 - Speaking of Wolverine, I was quite disappointed in this book. Sure it's the bloody and gross bordering on a horror title Wolvie fans have always wanted, but why are we bleeping characters especially when there is a Parental Advisory on the cover. To top it off Wolverine is dancing in a night club. Worth it for the 1st issue but won’t be buying #2.
Heroes for Hire #1 – Definitely worth it. Artwork is amazing. I’m hoping that this will be the basis for one of the rumored shows that Marvel has in development. It’s also nice that fans of characters who don’t sell as well as the big names now have a book to call home other than some Avengers book. I quit reading the Avengers titles because it seems these days everyone is an Avenger.
Batman 80 Page Giant – I bought this based on the recommendation of InvestComics for the collector aspect. To be honest I’ve only gotten a chance to reader the first Joker story but it was wickedly cool. Worth it.

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