Thursday, December 16, 2010

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with this book. Granted the artwork is perfect. I wouldn't expect anything less from Francavilla. The dialogue is good as well. It's the premise that bothers me. The idea of Black Panther testing his mettle on the streets of Hell's Kitchen is quite ridiculous. As if ruling Wakanda for X number of years proved nothing. To me having the Panther fight criminals in NY seems to belittle his history.

Meanwhile, it seems Marvel is really trying to appease all the Daredevil fans with the conversation between DD and T'Challa. Ok so if this is cool with DD then the fans can jump on board as well. I've got news for Marvel. It's not the DD fans you should be worried about. I think lots of Black Panther fans will feel the same way I do.

So let's say we were down with this DD temporary replacement idea. Some other things make no sense to me. It may not be vibranium but the suit is the same. How long will it be before everyone figures out that the missing Black Panther is in Hell's Kitchen?

Finally, I don't know if David Liss is married or not. If he is, his wife and Storm must be the coolest wives on Earth. If I told my wife I just needed to go prove myself by fighting criminals and I'll see ya (date of return unknown), I'd come home to find my car on fire in the driveway Waiting To Exhale style.


  1. Issue 514 came out stronger in my opinion. If you get a chance, try to read the issue.

  2. I just finished 514. I have to agree with you. I still don't like the Panther without all the tech and they kind of glossed over how he disabled the stun guns. Even without his tech, T'challa still has the know how. The ending was great and was enough to convince me to buy the next issue.