Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Doctor Strange - 1st Appearances

If you haven't seen Doctor Strange yet, do yourself a favor and get to the movie theater.  The movie is awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch is perfectly cast and the visual effects are incredible. Like Ant-Man, it's a well paced origin story that leaves you wanting a sequel and unlike Civil War, you can see it without having any knowledge of the previous Marvel movies.

In case I haven't convinced you, here's the trailer followed by a list of the 1st comic book appearances of the characters in the film.

Issue 1st Appearance Of
Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 Dr. Nicodemus West
Strange Tales #110 Dr. Stephen Strange, Wong,
The Ancient One
Strange Tales #111 Baron Mordo
Strange Tales #126 Dormammu
Strange Tales #130 Kaecilius
Strange Tales #169 Daniel Drumm
Night Nurse #1 Christine Palmer
Runaways #1 Tina Minoru

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